A Closer Look at the Mayor's 2016 Goals

by Mark Hyde

The Mayor has referenced the budget as the place to find key goals and objectives for his administration.  Attached are the 9 “Key Goals” for the mayor for 2016 (as opposed to goals for the operating departments) found beginning at page 399 of the budget.

1. Provide assistance to constituents.

(Comment: This is akin to an ombudsman task and can be handled byintake “customer support” staff with mayoral involvement if needed.  Presumably intake staff would interface with departments and others to seek answers, solutions and responses.)

2. Provide nominations to boards and commissions.

(Comment: This is likely developed by staff and submitted to the mayor for his consideration, input, perhaps recruitment calls, and approval)

3. Increase the number of subscribers to the mayor’s website.

(Comment: This is a staff level activity and best handled by the communications department)

4. Provide accurate and timely press releases.

(Comment:  This is likely done by the Communications Director, with the mayor’s sign off)

5. Support the Hawaii Conference of Mayors.

(Comment: This requires mayoral involvement but I could not find a “Hawaii Conference of Mayors" referenced on line. This might be the Hawaii State Association of Counties that takes place once per year, I believe, and includes receptions, dinners, golf outings in a kind of 2 day “pow-wow format at a lovely resort)

6. Maintain relationships with the county council by having “official dialog sessions.”

 (Comment: If this is happening, it is failing as the relationship between the two branches is toxic; in any event, it is not measurable)

7. Maintain relationships with concerned officials at the federal and state level.

(Comment: This is a periodic activity that would be assisted by staff, as the mayor indicated in his presentation to the Special Committee)

8. Develop relations with sister cities.

(Comment: Staff would presumably work this up, then the mayor would be involved in , ceremonies, greetings, etc.)

9. Digitize documents and provide correspondence via email such as the mayor’s incoming emails, letters and invitations.

(Comment: This is an admin/secretarial task)

10. Conduct health and wellness related events.

(Comment: This would be developed totally by others and likely involve coordinating health care providers and nonprofits to attend an event, then the mayor would announce and meet and greet)

All these goals are process based, not outcomes based (e.g., an outcome based goal might be to reduce the cycle time for general and community plan updates to 3 years following each 10 year plan cycle; or, goal: develop, and implement customer support software throughout county government; measure and track call turnaround time; reduce call turnaround time to 1 day or less and time to resolution to _____ days, on average; or, implement a citizen satisfaction survey process and compare and publish results against national benchmark data; etc.)

None appear to be something an elected mayor in a council manager form of government could not easily handle.