Suggested Resolution Language for the November 2016 Ballot

by Mark Hyde

Many people have asked to see what the language would be if the resolution to move to a county manager form of governance makes it on to the ballot this November. Here is the current language, adopted 5/9/16, by the Special Committee on Governance.

"Shall the Charter be amended to establish a revised structure of governance for the County of Maui wherein:

A Managing Director, appointed by the County Council shall be responsible for the County's daily operations, the appointment and removal of department heads, and the implementation of County policy; and an elected Mayor shall be responsible for representing the County in intergovernmental affairs, with the authority to approve or veto bills, and nominate board and commission members?"

We believe this is the correct mix for Maui county by providing for professional management of day-to-day county operations free from political influence while retaining an elected mayor with veto power to maintain balance of power between the executive and legislative branches of government.